Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DroidStats Premium v3.5.0 apk

DroidStats Premium v3.5.0
DroidStats Premium v3.5.0 apk
Requirements: all Android versions
Overview: Watch your call, sms and data limits, save costs and get interesting stats
DroidStats Premium v3.5.0
This apps gives you the ability to control your call minutes, number of sms messages and data traffic. You can set limits for each, track your costs and get much more informations and statistics about your calls, sms and traffic. You can also check these informations in different nice widgets.
DroidStats Premium v3.5.0
This is unlocked version which have additional feature for DroidStats. The number features will increase in future. At the moment this features are added:
- Configure all your widgets (Which statistic to show?)
- Configure transparency of your widgets
- unlocks the 4×1 widget
- unock the alternative 1×1 one-slot widget
- unlock the StatusbarWidget which integrates in the Notification Area
- Data-per-App feature (Android 2.2+ phones)
- see a chronological log of all sms and call events with additional infos
- backup restore your configuration, calls- and sms-info
- export your calls and sms event infos to CSV
- Extended top statistics with pie charts
What’s in this version:
DroidStats Premium v3.5.0 apk
fixed that connection fee is calculated at free times and free numbers
connection fee now works with calltime limit together
added a new network interfaces (also Motorola Razr)
small and internal improvements
Free DroidStats Premium v3.5.0 apk

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