Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EZ Launcher v0.3.8 apk

EZ Launcher v0.3.8
EZ Launcher v0.3.8 apk
Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: EZ Launcher(beta) is coming, a cool home replacement app, with the most convenient way to operate & organize your phone.
EZ Launcher v0.3.8
EZ Launcher v0.3.8 apk
- Genius app list brings you the app you most want
- Auto category can help you automatically categorize your apps
- Quick app search to find the app you want in app list directly
- Pre-loaded app manager tool with all task manager, uninstaller, app2sd and etc functions in one place
- Useful and handy widgets: Clock & Weather Widget, Task Manager Widget, SMS Widget, Switch Widget
- 7×24 hours tech support from INFOLIFE Team
EZ Launcher is still in beta test version, so if you have any bugs or suggestions, please contact us to help us improve the app.
We are trying our best to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER with great productions and services!
INFOLIFE, Make Your Life Easier!
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Recent changes:
EZ Launcher v0.3.8 apk
# Fix screen manager bugs
# Add bookmark widget
# Add update check
v0.3.7 beta
# Fix several force close bugs
# Fix screen manager bug
v0.3.6 beta
# New default home background image
v0.3.5 beta
# Fix folder bug
# Update app manager UI
# Mark risk in App2SD of app manager
# Other mini bugs fix
v0.3.4 beta
# Fix force close bug
Free EZ Launcher v0.3.8 apk

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